vinyl flooringFor those on a budget vinyl flooring is a great option for many homes. Vinyl installations are easily done and there are a number of benefits from choosing vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors are highly durable and can often repel water, making them an ideal floor option for most kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and more. Although the actual installation of the vinyl flooring is fairly easy to do since many are often glued into place, the actual laying of the vinyl floor can be more of a challenge if you want a balanced and properly installed floor.

While many people try to do vinyl installation themselves to save a little bit more money, this often results in miss cut pieces, uneven patterns and an unattractive floor. Professional vinyl floor installation can greatly reduce many of these common do it yourself errors.

Vinyl Installation Need To Know:
When it comes to vinyl floor installation there are two crucial steps that a professional installer will more easily be able to handle.

The first is ensure the vinyl tiles are cut to the right size. Almost no room is going to be perfectly square and there will be various corners, vents, pipes, fixtures, spaces and more that can be cumbersome in the process. Taking the correct measurements of the room is crucial and our professionals also take the time to ensure they have the right measurements so to not waste time in making the wrong cuts. A wrong cut means a whole new sheet of vinyl will need to be used to avoid any imperfections when doing the vinyl installation. This is why the measurements are carefully taken.

The second vital step is determining the center of the room. Unlike with many other flooring options that can easily be laid starting at on side of the room and going to the next this is not how you will want to lay down vinyl flooring. Determining the center of the room will better ensure that the patterns of the vinyl installation will result in a square look which results in a more balanced and equal design. Failing to do this can result in an awkward and unattractive finished job. Our professional lay out the vinyl flooring design to ensure that the end result is a beautiful, even finish.

Once all the measurements have been taken, and the vinyl carefully and perfectly cut, the floor is easily installed using glue. This process needs to be done quickly yet carefully to ensure all the vinyl floor pieces dry in the correct spot. Once all the pieces have been perfectly fitted together, a floor roller is used to ensure all bubbles are eliminated. This also ensures that the vinyl flooring is securely attached to the sub floor below it.

For vinyl floor being installed in bathrooms or other rooms where water may be able to seep down the cracks of the wall or fixtures apply a silicon based caulk in these areas. This will better protect your vinyl flooring and reduce the risk of water getting under the flooring and cause it to lift up.