Hardwood RefinishingHardwood floor refinishing is a highly favorable option for many to include in the home flooring options. They offer a highly durable and beautiful finish that can last for many years and even add value to your home. Although you can properly care for your hardwood floors on a regular basis over time the will suffer from typically wear and tear. Hardwood refinishing jobs can easily have your hardwood floors looking almost new again in no time at all. This is one job where you will want to trust the professional to ensure no further damage is done to the floors. This will actually save you a significant amount of money than if you were to just try to do the job yourself.

There are a number of tools that can be used to bring your hardwood floors back to life. These can range from sanders, buffers and stains. When it comes to hardwood refinishing jobs simple applying a new coat of wood finish will not do the trick. You need a professional to come in and access the floors. From there the necessary steps can be taken to restore your hardwood floors to new again.

Your hardwood floors may have suffered from accidental dents, dings and scratching. We can fix these issues with a full restoration service. This is a typical occurrence that is usually caused from moving furniture, pet nails scratching the surface and many other day to day activities over the years. A professional hardwood refinisher is your best option to ridding your floors of these unsightly scratches and damage. An experienced professional will know just how much of the top layer of your hardwood floors need to be removed and what baseboards and molding will need to be replaced to ensure you are left with the beautiful hardwood floors you once had before.

Another crucial step in the hardwood refinishing job is knowing what types of stains and polyurethane needs to be used. In order to restore your hardwood floors back to the natural colors they once where the right stain will have a significant role. Also knowing just how many coats will be needed and how much polyurethane needs to be applied will make the difference between having beautiful hardwood floors restored to like new again or just re-stained hardwood floors. This step ensures that you get the beautiful like new shine as well as applying a protective coat to keep your floors looking like new for longer.

If you want to have your hardwood floors looking like new again your best option is to have a professional perform a hardwood floor refinishing job. It is an easy process that can quickly have your floors looking like you just had them replaced but without the excess costs.