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Hardwood floors are a favored options in many homes because of the rich and inviting look they give to a room. There are a variety of hardwood floor options you can choose from that range in color, grain and characters. Hardwood floor installations can give any room an elegant and beautiful look that provides a long lasting durable floor option.

Keeping your hardwood floors looking beautiful and natural can be easily done with a few simple steps. When you choose hardwood floor you want to be aware of the type of finish on the floors. The best types of finishes will be ones that offer s stain resistance protection that does not need to be waxed. To better keep your hardwood floors clean and protected:

  • Blot spills or spots as the happen.
  • Avoid letting any liquids sit on the floors for too long.
  • Dust and sweep regularly to reduce the risk of scratches.
  • Avoid using any oil based polishes.
  • Never use steel wool on hardwood floors.
  • Avoid using any type of buffing machines on the hardwood floors.
  • Place entry way mats leading into the rooms with hardwood floors to better reduce the dirt and grit that can be track onto the floors and can scratch them.
  • Use floor protectors on the legs or feet of furniture in the room.
  • Furniture and rugs should be moved about and rearranged regularly to avoid discoloring.

Hardwood Floor Installation Process

The installation process of your hardwood floors can be easily done by an experienced professional. To better ensure an easily and smooth hardwood floor installation it is best that you know the necessary steps that will be taken during the process. There are also some things you may want to do prior to have your hardwood floors installed.

1.) Know whether you need to have your old floors removed prior to the installation.

2.) All valuable or breakable items in the room where the hardwood floor installation is taking place should be removed prior to the installers arriving. For ALL furniture pieces you must have these removed before the floor installation is scheduled so Winter’s Flooring, LLC can have total access to the floor.

3.) If you have doors that lead into or out of the room ensure that they have the proper clearance. This may involve having to have the doors shaved or sanded slightly for proper use.

4.) If you are planning on having the room painted it is best to have this done first. Keep left over paint on hand just in case you need to do some touch up work from accidental nicks that can occur during the installation.

The actually installation process will begin with an evaluation of your current flooring and the sub floor. This will let you know if the old floors will need to be removed or not. Once the old floor has been evaluated a moisture test is done to prevent the hardwood floors from buckling or from developing gaps in the future. The hardwood installation will be done using nails or glue boards. Your installer will know how to handle and unforeseen problems so you can rest assure that the proper installation will be done with the utmost care.

Hardwood installation can be done effortlessly and provide you with a beautiful new set of floors that can last a lifetime.