Custom Hardwood2

For individuals who wish to have truly unique beautiful floors, most will choose custom hardwood floors. Custom hardwood floors offer a much wider range of decorative options than any other floor options. You can chose from different sizes, thickness, shapes medallions, floor inlays, borders and much more. When you choose to customize your hardwood floor design you can truly transform any room.

Custom Hardwood floors offer the same durable and beautiful finish as traditional hardwood floors but with more character and style. You can still gain that warm and inviting atmosphere while also offering a unique and one of a kind flooring design. With custom hardwood floors you can chose from a number of different types of flooring including:

Solid Wood

Engineer Wood

Refinished Wood

Unfinished Wood

Custom Hardwood Floor Installation Process

When you are choosing to have a custom floor installed in your home, it is best to first consider how much foot traffic the room will receive in a typical day. This may have an impact on your design, and if choosing floor medallions, can make you reconsider where they will be placed in the room. If the room will receive a significant amount of foot traffic you will want to consider going with a higher quality grade wood. This will ensure that the custom design will last for a much longer time, even with all the foot traffic. Once you have the right quality of wood choosing and a design created the installation process is not much different than your typical hardwood floor installation.

Prior to the installation some things you will want to consider:

1.) If you remodeling the entire room, the custom hardwood floor installation should be done last. This goes for painting as well.

2.) Remove all the furniture from the room. Any valuables and breakable items should be removed prior to the installer arriving to reduce the risk of these items being accidental broken.

3.) Know whether or not your old flooring needs to be removed first. If you old flooring needs to be removed that will be handled by Winter’s Flooring LLC as well .

Once all the pre-installation steps are taken care of your custom floors can be installed easily. For a truly unique and eye catching design choose from a number of floor medallions which offer beautiful wooden designs that can really stand out in a room. With custom hardwood floor designs you can add in various colors, shapes and other details that will result in a long lasting and beautiful finished design.