Euculano tileTile and stone flooring offer rooms an elegant and classic look. Typically, ceramic tile installation is done in the kitchen or bathroom of a home, but it can really be done in any room you want to add a unique and timeless feel to. Ceramic tiling can be found in a variety of colors, textures and style allowing you to completely customize the design of your room. Many homeowners chose to have ceramic tiles installed because they want to make a statement and love the versatility that each pattern can yield.

Caring for ceramic tiles is also a very appealing attribute. Ceramic tiles offer a much longer lifespan than many other flooring options. Keeping your tile floors looking beautiful and clean is an easy process. Regularly sweeping the floors as well as cleaning up spills as soon as they happen will help preserve your ceramic tile’s life. To keep your tiles looking as they do on the day of your installation, avoid using detergents or soaps as well as acidic cleaners, vinegar, ammonia or chlorine.

Ceramic Tile Installation Process

Just as with any floor installation there are a number of steps and processes that go into ceramic tile installations. Ceramics tile installation can be done effortlessly with professional assistance through every step. To have a smoother installation process you should be aware of the steps that are taken with ceramic tile installations.

1.) You can make arrangements with us to have your old flooring removed for a better quality installation process.

2.) If there is any furniture that needs to be removed this should be taken care of prior to the installers arriving.

3.) Make sure any doors leading into or out of the rooms will have the necessary clearance to ensure they can be opened and closed. This may require the bottoms of the doors needing to be sanded or shaved.

4.) Any painting you plan to do in the room should be done before the ceramic tile installations.

Our installers will have the professionalism and experience to ensure that your floors are properly installed and are placed according to your specific design. The installation process will begin with a sub floor installation. This is to ensure that the ceramic tiles are laid on a sturdy, level and smooth surface. Usually cement backers are laid on the floors first. This first step is the most critical step and the installers will know the best way to start this process. The installers will then determine the correct tile layout. Chalk lines are used as a guide and the ceramic tile installation is done in small sections. Once all tiles have been placed and the mortar is set the installers will apply the grout. This step is usually done the next day. Once the grout has been applied the floors are carefully cleaned.

You should be aware that after the ceramic tile installation is completed you should avoid walking on the floors for at least one or two days. Your installers can help give you proper maintenance tips to ensure your floors look beautiful for longer.