Bona FloorWhen it comes to keeping your hardwood floors clean it is vital that you use the right products to not only clean but keep them protected. It can seem like a daunting task to continuously clean your hardwood floors but it can be an incredible easy and less time consuming process than most realize. Having an effective hardwood floor cleaning rouse can be easily done with the right product like Bona Floor Cleaning. Bona offers a selection of the essential cleaning tools and products you will need to effortlessly taken care and maintain your hardwood floors.

When you use Bona Floor Cleaning for daily dusting and sweeping paired with a microfiber mop/cloth you can reduce the risk of scratches and common surface damage. The microfiber mop/cloth attracts dirt and other particles which is more effective than simply sweeping. Using a traditional broom often just pushes the dirt around and instead of lifting the dirt up can actually push the dirt down into the grains of the wood.

Performing a more intensive weekly mopping and vacuuming job with bona floor cleaning will also help prolong the look of your hardwood floors. These weekly cleaning should focus on getting those hard to reach areas you often miss in the daily cleanings. Corners and other troubled, hard to reach areas should be thoroughly cleaned. You want to avoid over saturating the floors with any types of liquids because this can do a significant amount of damage to the wood surfaces. Simply misting the Bona floor cleaning on to the floor supplies you with enough cleaning product to effectively clean your floors without running the risk of causing any water damage to them.

Once a month every couple of month you should consider polishing your hardwood floors. Giving you hardwood floors and deep polish will help renew the finish on the hardwood floors. Doing regular monthly polishing can help even out the wood floors and fill in the hard to see scratches caused from normal foot traffic.

The most efficient way to keep your hardwood floors cleaned and prolong the look of them is to use a microfiber pad with Bona floor cleaning products. With other cleaning tools like vacuums and traditional brooms and mops you can easily cause more damage to the floors by scratching or causing more wear to the finish than necessary. The Bona hardwood floor mops offer a gently cleaning tool that is safe and effective at keeping your hardwood floors clean without risking additional scratching or damage to their surface.

Bona floor cleaning products offer you all the essential you need to keep you hardwood floors looking clean and new. From spray floor cleaners to Hardwood Floor mops Bona is your one stop shop to provide you will all the tools and products you need to properly take care of your hardwood floors effortlessly.